The search tab enables you to find PADDD events of interest. You can use one or many search functions at the same time. 

Use the “All Countries” drop down menu to select the country of your choice. 

Use the “All Protected Areas” drop down menu to select a specific protected area name.

             *Note: When you search for a protected area from this drop-down menu, the website              may not return all PADDD events for that protected area. We are currently addressing this issue.

Use the colored check boxes to filter PADDD events by type and status. 

Use the “Year PADDDed” slider to search for PADDD events during a specific time period.

Check the box marked "View Protected Areas" to view or hide existing national parks and protected areas. 

Click on Advanced Search for more options. Use the dropdown menus and sliders provided to narrow the search.

Use the List View button (at the top right of the page) to see a list of events sorted  alphabetically, chronologically, or by country, on the left side of your screen.

Click on a PADDD event in the list view to zoom in to the event on the map.