Selected Media Coverage

Feb 20, 2019. New York Times.
A comeback for African national parks.

June 9, 2018. New York Times.
Selling the Protected Area Myth.


February 20, 2018. BBC.
Áreas de conservação desmatadas na Amazônia estão perdendo proteção do governo, aponta estudo nos EUA (Conservation areas deforested in the Amazon are losing government protection, study shows).


August 26, 2016. Mongabay.
Yosemite as a case study in protected area downsizing and habitat fragmentation.

May 5, 2016. The Guardian.
How safe does protected status keep the world’s national parks?

December 10, 2015. Asian Scientist.
What is driving the loss of protected areas?

October 31, 2014. Mongabay.
De-protection of Protected Areas ramps up in Brazil, ‘compromises the capacity’ of ecosystems.

March 17, 2011. Mongabay.
Goodbye national parks: when ‘eternal’ protected areas come under attack.



November 29, 2018. Human Nature.
Protected areas are not forever.

August 24, 2016. Human Nature
The world’s national parks are not as secure as we think